Muzammil Farooq
Practice Manager

Meet Muzammil Farooq, your trusted guide through the complex landscape of numbers and regulations. At Yahya Accountancy, my expertise lies in ensuring your journey towards financial clarity is smooth and worry-free.

With an MBA from Cranfield University and a Master’s in Accountancy from University of  London, coupled with the prestigious ACCA Chartered Accountant designation, I’m armed with the academic rigor and real-world experience to tackle any financial challenge. But knowledge alone isn’t enough. My passion lies in understanding your unique circumstances, building lasting relationships, and providing proactive solutions that empower your financial success.

For over five years at Yahya Accountancy, I’ve honed my skills in preparing annual accounts and tax returns for companies across diverse sectors. From startups to established businesses, I navigate the intricacies of each industry, ensuring accuracy and compliance while maximizing your financial benefits. And if HMRC comes knocking, you’ll have a qualified advocate by your side, expertly handling inquiries and minimizing potential issues.

But beyond technical expertise, my approach is human-centered. I believe in communication, transparency, and collaboration. You’ll never be lost in a sea of numbers – I’ll explain everything in clear, concise terms, leaving you feeling empowered and in control.

So, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, Yahya Accountancy, with Muzammil Farooq as your guide, is your one-stop shop for financial peace of mind. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Annual accounts preparation and analysis
  • Taxation planning and optimization
  • Internal controls and risk management
  • Business advisory and M&A support
  • HMRC inquiry handling

Let’s embark on a journey of financial clarity together. Contact Yahya Accountancy today and experience the difference of having a seasoned professional like me on your side.