Hedayat Yahya
Founder and Managing Director

Hedayatullah Yahya is a chartered accountant who boasts a formidable career in finance, seamlessly merging the expertise of banking, accounting, and entrepreneurship. He’s the driving force behind Yahya Accountancy, a thriving financial haven for the UK’s small and medium businesses.

Banking Acumen: Mr. Yahya’s leadership journey took him to the apex of the commercial banking, where he expertly juggled the roles of Chairman, CEO, and CFO. This diverse experience honed his financial prowess, giving him a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities that businesses face.

Accounting Authority: Leveraging his accounting, taxation and banking expertise, Mr. Yahya founded Yahya Accountancy. As the sole director, he guides businesses through the intricacies of compliance work, financial accounting, financial management, ensuring their financial health and growth.

Startup Savior: His experience as a banking executive makes him a champion for new ventures. Understanding the challenges faced by budding businesses, Mr. Yahya provides invaluable guidance and advice, helping startups navigate the financial landscape and secure a stable footing.

In essence, Hedayatullah Yahya is a one-stop shop for financial solutions. He offers not just accounting expertise, but the seasoned wisdom of a banking veteran, making him a trusted advisor and a pillar of support for businesses in the UK, especially those taking their first steps in the world of commerce.

This profile paints a concise picture of Mr. Yahya’s skills and impact, highlighting his diverse experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to supporting business growth.